10 Ideas for Halloween Fun in COVID Times

Finding new ways to celebrate a favorite holiday

By Stefanie Egee, Macaroni Kid Loudoun and Jennifer Hill, Macaroni Kid Fremont, CA September 29, 2020

Halloween might look a little different this year because of the pandemic, but we can still make this kid-favorite holiday tons of fun. Who knows, it might be the best one yet! With all the extra time on our hands, we can even start early and extend the celebration! Here are 10 ideas for making Halloween special for our kids this year:

1. Halloween candy hunt

Think Easter Egg hunt, but with Halloween candy! Toss or hide wrapped candies around the yard and let the kids find them in the dark with flashlights! Play spooky music for extra ambience.

2. Boo your neighbors and friends

"Boo" your neighbors and child's friends by surprising them with a basket or bag full of Halloween goodies. Here are directions and free printables. Simply leave the gift on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and RUN! You can let them know who it's from, or leave it anonymously for them to guess. Make sure to include a note inviting them to pay it forward by "boo'ing" someone themselves! I think my kids actually enjoy booing others even more than getting boo'ed. This is a fun tradition perfect for the times we are in.

3. Halloween movie night

Plan ahead and get some Halloween jammies, pick out some fun Halloween movies, make popcorn, surprise your kids with fun treats, and enjoy a family movie night. Check out our list of Halloween favorites for all ages. 

4. Not-so-spooky arts and crafts

Make Halloween week a crafting extravaganza! Here's a bat craft that is easy to make. Let your kids hang them throughout the house. Or decorate outside with these easy Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

5. Create your own frightening treats

Enjoy Halloween-themed meals, snacks, and treats all week long. Here are four kooky Halloween-themed recipes your kids are sure to giggle over! Or try these yummy Day After Halloween Brownies.

6. Host a virtual costume contest or party 

Invite friends and family to join you on Zoom and show off your costumes! Make it a dance party or watch a Halloween movie together for even more fun! Try out some of our favorite Halloween jokes during the party. 

7. Family jack-o-lantern contest

Get all of the supplies ready for a fun family contest — you can carve, paint, or get as creative as you want! Make up some fun categories such as funniest, scariest, or lookalike and go all out. Pick up some fun prizes (make sure there's a prize for everyone to keep the family peace!). Check out these four no-carve pumpkin ideas. Here are our favorite spots for Pumpkin Picking In and Around Loudoun

8. Neighborhood house decorating contest

Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood to decide on the house with their favorite Halloween decorations. Perhaps your family can give the "winner" a new yard decoration to add to their collection! Try these DIY Halloween Silhouette Decorations for your own house. 

9. Hold a homemade Halloween costume contest

Give your family a set time to come up with a Halloween costume using only items they find around the house. Make sure to take family photos of everyone in their creations! Ready, set, GO!

10. Trunk or Treat with friends and family

Plan a simple trunk or treat with some friends or family. Meet up in a parking lot, spread out, and let the kids go from car to car trunk or treating — while maintaining social distancing and with Halloween masks on.

This year's Halloween celebrations might look different, but we can still make great memories for our kids —  and perhaps even start new, not-so-spooky traditions to carry on into the future.

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